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Septic Real Estate Inspections

Please know that anyone can claim to be a “Septic Inspector”. Septic inspections for real- estate sale are not regulated by any governing authority, there-fore make an informed decision on the details of the septic system inspection process. (i.e. the credentials of the company performing the inspection, along with copies of inspection reports etc.) Was it a thorough inspection by a experienced qualified “Registered Sanitarian,” Licensed II Installer, or a Registered Site Evaluator” or was the inspection done by someone who took a 2 day class in the inspection of septic systems. ​

We have inspected countless septic systems for banks, buyers, sellers and realtors. All inspections will meet the criteria for VA home loans, FHA home loans or any other type of home loan. Field/verbal reports are given at the end of the inspection and a signed inspection report reflecting the condition of the system can be emailed at the end of the business day.

Do not trust this important step of buying a new home to just anyone, call or email MJ Septic, LLC  to schedule one of our licensed and experienced professionals to inspect your system today! 

​Please note, when you or your realtor call to schedule a septic real estate inspection be prepared to pay for services at time of scheduling! This is company policy!